Sewing Machines

Treat yourself to a new sewing machine from our top-of-the-line collection. We’ve personally tried and tested every model we carry, so we can give you real hands-on demonstrations of every machine you’re interested in. Can’t find the model you’re looking for? We’ll match you with its equivalent in store, or we’ll source your chosen machine at an incredible price. Come browse our selection of new sewing machines and parts, and don’t be shy because everything can be touched and tested.

Sewing Machine Brands

  • Elnita by Elna

Sewing Machine Accessories

Your sewing machine accessories are your trusty tools! How can a stone mason purchase the right trowel or chisel if they don’t pick them up and hold them in his hand? We want you to do the same! Come right in and sewing machine accessories until you find the perfect match. If you don’t see what you want or need in-store, we will start sourcing the accessory you desire immediately. Call us today at 218-847-4175.

Sewing Thread

We have an excellent selection of sewing thread colors, brands and materials.

Sewing Machine Needles

We have regular point needles, ball point needles, rounded tips needles and others.

Cone Thread

The Maxilock Cone Thread is ideal to use for all kinds of sewing projects.




Used Sewing Machines

Don’t get duped by a used sewing machine you found online when you can come to us and test out in-person all of the wonderfully re-built and re-furbished models we sell, all of which include a parts and service guarantee. You just can’t get that kind of service when you purchase pre-owned, online, and from a stranger.